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Can i get my car inspected in any county in texas

Can My Car Be Registered In One State And Insured In ... (e) Any vehicle not listed as an exempt vehicle that is capable of being powered by gasoline, from two years old up to and including 24 years old, presented for the annual vehicle safety inspection in affected counties will be presumed to be a designated vehicle and will be emissions tested as a part of the annual vehicle safety.

Motorists whose annual vehicle inspections are due soon should get them before Wednesday. What You'll Do to Register your Vehicle in Texas. Step 1: Visit your nearest County Tax Office. Submit the required documents and identification. Submit the applicable payment. Receive new license plates (optional) Receive your registration sticker. Step 2: Affix your registration sticker to the windshield of your vehicle.

The Governor's statement does not stipulate the length of the waiver. For information about this and other topics, you can call the TxDMV at (888) 368-4689. If you do wish to renew your.

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